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Minou has a masters in social work and has been a licensed clinical social worker (No. CSW003390) since 2004. She has over ten years of clinical experience. Minou is an experienced couples therapist providing therapy on building intimacy, communication problems, substance abuse recovery, and sexual concerns. In addition, she is an experienced family therapist who has worked with children, adolescents, and their families in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Minou has conducted individual and group psychotherapy with clients who have been diagnosed with an eating disorder or have problems with eating and/or weight. She spent 2 supervised years at the Eating Disorder Recovery Center of Athens.

Minou also specializes in cultural, ethnic and racial diversity. She is a prospective consultant with Visions, Inc.- an organization dedicated to helping create multicultural environments and challenging the "isms" in herself, others, and within organizations. She has been receiving ongoing training since 2005 attending intensive 4 day workshops, cross country peer supervision, and TA training.

Minou is an adjunct professor at The University of Georgia. She instructs Bachelors and Masters level Social Work students, assisting with any challenges they may experience at their internship sites and helping them maximize opportunities for growth.



“Minou is by far the best counselor I have had since in Athens, Georgia.  She actively engages in conversation and helps educate me about life’s challenges.  She is able to give tough love when needed and let’s face it, sometimes it is needed.  Minou has helped me solve real life problems and makes me reflect on things I often miss in the equation.  Sometimes therapy requires more than listening:  it requires active planning and acceptance.  Minou is fantastic with her approach and I have found much success managing my depression, anxiety and even not so pressing life issues through our discussions and work together.  Thanks for all you do Minou!”

"You gave me an outlet to be honest with myself; something I have never(!) done in the past.  Coming to terms that I was a hopeless/depressed alcoholic was the hardest process I have ever been through. I believe I cried at every appointment I had with you. ha ha 
You encouraged me to go to AA and I honestly believe that you truly saved my life- not to mention my marriage, kids, and job.  I can never repay you for your caring kind encouraging words. 
I know you didn't have experience with necessarily with substance abuse, but you listened and helped me see the signs, you let ME make the decision that I am an alcoholic and you guided me to the right place.  You gave me your only copy of the 'Big Book' (which is WELL used :) and I will be forever grateful! 
Thank you, thank you."

"Going to see Minou is like a cup of hot tea, with a warm blanket, on a cold day. I felt so safe talking with her.  By safe, I don't mean that I was worried about my physical safety, but rather, safe to put words to the inner turmoil I was experiencing.  With compassion, never judging, and always respectful of my spiritual convictions, she helped me see that I was not a failure, but a strong, and amazing woman.  Thank you Minou."

"As a practicing artist, I've found my work with Minou to be healing, life changing, and essential to my personal growth and progress along this path. She has helped me solve difficult career challenges, work through creative blocks, and find a healthy work/life balance in my life. She is an amazing listener, and her warmth and expertise have been an invaluable benefit to me."

"Minou has guided me through some difficult times during the last several years: a challenging divorce, the loss of a job, issues with depression. Her steady advice and clear perspective have been invaluable to me as I have travelled down the path towards a more balanced and satisfying life. This journey would have taken much longer and would have been more muddled had I not been a patient of Minou's." 

"Minou displayed super-vision’ in our supervision time.  By this I mean she had clinical wisdom, foresight, and understanding in our time together. She walked with me on my journey to becoming an LCSW.  She created an open environment for personal reflections with positive regard and without bias. Minou is also personable and warm in her counseling /training style.  She is a great choice for clinical supervision with also a reasonable price!"

"Minou has worked wonders in assisting me to turning my life around. We have discussed many personal matters and she has helped me stand up to and correct challenges I had been burdened with for a very long time."

“Thank you Minou, for your bold dedication to my personal growth.  You were able to accomplish more in a short span of time than all my other self-care efforts over the many years I sought help.  I never knew how practical and specific changes could occur once some simple concepts were identified.  Thank you for helping me find a healthier way to live!”

"What I have found from my time with Minou is that I don't have to take all criticisms personally and she has shown me ways of deflecting negative comments.  It is a relief and comfort to know that I can talk to Minou about anything without being judged or criticized for my thoughts. Minou gives me ways to blossom in all aspects of my life. I love my time with Minou and I don't feel like a hopeless cause after I have talked with her."